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G. M. Moore is a former newspaper writer, editor and columnist. She currently works as a magazine art director and writes fiction as a hobby. The author grew up battling game fish and exploring the lakes of northern Wisconsin, and uses that state's enchanting wilderness as her muse. During the summer months, you can still find the Chicago-area author "up north" and out on the lake.  

Ghosts of Manitowish Waters is the author's first young adult book. Moore is also the author of a middle grade action-adventure series. The Up North Adventure series includes, Muskie Attack (Book 1), Ancient Elk Hunt (Book 2) and Snakehead Invasion (Book 3). 

Moore was inspired to write her first book, Muskie Attack, by her then 9-year-old nephew who, in a literary world filled with fantasy, was struggling to find books that appealed to his outdoor interests and adventurous spirit. 

When not writing, Moore can be found walking her dog, Piper, or feeding the fish, birds and flying squirrels in her Snow White-like backyard.


Pictured here, Moore portages kayaks over a log dam holding back the waters of  a northern Wisconsin lake. The author used this dam as inspiration for  a scene in Ghosts of Manitowish Waters.

Action, Adventure, Suspense Author
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